With ten centers across Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee, Bedrock Healthcare is committed to growth and to reinvesting in our existing centers. We strive to improve the health and wellness of every patient and resident we care for by building a strong healthcare foundation that supports a higher quality of life.

As healthcare leaders, we’re focused on growth and innovation and are working diligently to meet the unique healthcare needs of the communities in which we serve.

Bedrock Healthcare invests heavily in each of our facilities to develop uniquely targeted programs adapted to the individual needs of each of our patients and residents.

This patient-centered approach helps our residents recover and maintain their health through a strong continuum of care where clear communication and ongoing support is established between physicians, medical specialists, nursing staff, patients and residents, and their families.





We actively support each of our centers through financial investments in building upgrades, staff training and compensation, and cutting-edge medical technology. Each Bedrock Healthcare center receives the support and attention they need. Rather than requesting our facilities to adapt to a one-size fits all corporate mandate, we work closely with the staff at each center to identify unique challenges and provide real-time solutions that are innovative and effective.

Our patient-centered focus on the overall health and well-being of each person we care for is one of the reasons so many of our centers receive 5-star ratings.

At Bedrock Healthcare we invest heavily in our centers, but our financial commitment to our residents and patients doesn’t end there. We are proud to invest in our staff with competitive salaries and benefits, ongoing training and education, and opportunities for mentorship and career advancement. When our staff need help, we’re there. From adding positions like Assistant Director of Nursing to investing in medical technology that streamlines processes and reduces paperwork, we’re proud to provide a supportive, caring work environment.

After all, it is our staff who make the difference in the day-to-day lives of our patients and residents, and that’s why we are committed to hiring and training the top professionals in the healthcare field and supporting them so they’re able to provide an enhanced care experience. An integrated clinical practice, patient-centered approach, and exceptional customer service set our facilities apart.

Above all, our staff show respect, dignity, and compassion for every person who enters a Bedrock Healthcare center.

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